Memorable Engagement Proposal Ideas for People on a Budget

Proposing to the love of your life can be daunting, especially if you’re on a budget. After all, many would want to treat their special someone with the proposal experience of a lifetime.

Proposing on your knee, however, doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Making your engagement event romantic and affordable at the same time is probable with careful planning and preparation.

Here are ten cost-effective proposal suggestions you can consider:

  1. Propose with a Beautiful but Affordable Ring

Many say that you have to buy an engagement ring that’s worth three months of your current salary. If the ongoing global pandemic has affected your income levels, however, you’ll want to ignore that advice. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a metal engagement band, look for inexpensive alternatives.

One option you can look at is stackable rings made of silicone. This type of ring won’t cost you an arm and a leg. What’s more, they’re soft and flexible. They maintain their shape even when they’re placed under pressure or underwater.

  1. Cook for Your Partner

Dining at a five-star restaurant can get expensive. Rather than make dinner reservations for two, take out your apron and whip up delicious dishes for your future spouse. Make mouth-watering meals, such as risotto, classic baked mac and cheese, beef wellington, and spaghetti and meatballs. While you’re working hard in the kitchen, ask your friends to create a romantic and beautiful setting at the dinner table. They can even be the ones to bring out the ring as you and your beloved dine.

  1. Go on a Picnic

Take your lover to a beautiful public place, such as a park or a garden. When choosing a location, pick one that’s tranquil and less crowded.

Before hitting the road, organize your picnic basket. Pack delicious home-cooked food, wine and desserts. Don’t forget to bring the ring with you. Depending on how you want things to go, you could propose while you’re having lunch or after both of you have finished eating.

  1. Sing Your Heart Out

If both of you are passionate about singing, pay a visit to a karaoke bar. Then, find a way to get on stage and sing your partner’s favorite songs. As your partner listens, take this opportunity to propose in front of the audience.

  1. Propose with Coffee

Some people don’t want to talk to anyone or get anything done without having that first cup of joe. If this is how you describe your sweetheart, you’ll want to use coffee to your advantage.

Before your partner wakes up, prepare coffee in a special mug. This cup should have the engraved words “Will you marry me?” found at the bottom. Once she finishes drinking the coffee, ask your sweetheart to check the cup.

  1. Declare Your Love Using Sand

Another romantic marriage proposal location you can consider is the beach. Look for a spot that’s not too crowded. After you’ve finished your lovely beach stroll, ask your partner to stay put while you write your proposal in the sand and present the ring.

  1. Run a Marathon Together

Popping the question while staying active is possible with this romantic proposal idea. Running a marathon (and then proposing afterward) is like telling your partner that you’ll be with them through all stages in their life.

When both of you reach the finish line, go down on one knee, present the ring and pop the question. The other runners surrounding you will serve as your witness.

  1. Give a Special Holiday Gift

If the holidays are just around the corner, take this opportunity to bend the knee. When both of you are relaxing at home on Christmas day, dress up as Santa Claus. Then, pop the question. Instead of saying the usual “Will you marry me?” question, be a little different by saying, “I want to spend all my holidays with you.”

  1. Create a Video Collage

Put your video editing skills to the test with this romantic proposal idea. Create a short video collage featuring just the two of you. Then, end the collage with that all-important engagement question. Upload the video on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or other well-known video streaming platforms.

Next, send the link to your sweetheart, telling them that you found a cute cat video or a trending dance craze that’s sweeping the nation. Let the story unfold after that.

  1. Go Old School with a Handwritten Letter

If you don’t have the tech skills, that’s OK. Take the traditional route by writing a heartfelt and romantic letter to your partner.

Your memorable proposal doesn’t have to break bank or be outlandish to get a “yes.” It just has to have an element of surpriseand convey your undying love in the best way possible.


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