How to Plan a Large Family Function

Are you worried about the cascading expenses of throwing a large family function?

Planning a party is not all about setting up the venue and acquiring the food. It also requires a financial assessment since most functions cost a serious fortune, even as the planning progresses.

Therefore, you need to consider various ways how to plan a large family function without spending too much.

Get ideas on how to throw a memorable or unique family gathering with this family function planning checklist.

Set an Appropriate Budget

Make sure to account for all the basic items such as food, decorations, venue rentals, entertainment, and any special needs for the party. Also, consider if you will be getting help from professional vendors or doing it all on your own.

Once you know your budget, do research on what options for vendors, locations, and other items are available within that budget.

Make sure to compare several items to find the best deal. Also, factor in any additional fees related to item rentals or services provided. Make sure to enlist the help of family members none of the planning gets overlooked. 

Consider the Purpose of the Function

When planning a large family function, it is important to consider the purpose of the function. Is this a birthday, reunion, graduation, or holiday celebration? No matter the occasion, it is important to consider everyone’s interests and needs and tailor the function to fit them.

Create an agenda or a list of activities that reflect the purpose of the function. Ensure that the needs of all those attending are accounted for. Create a budget so that you will know exactly how much you have to spend and plan accordingly. 

Send Invitations in Advance

One of the most important steps is to send out invitations. Give your guests plenty of time to plan ahead and allow them an accurate count of how many of them will be attending. Determine your list of invitees and allow time to purchase and mail them out.

Depending on the size of your family, you may have to send the invitations multiple times as some family members may have changed addresses since the last time you had a gathering. Be sure to provide your family members with a good estimate of the date and location of the family event. 

Choose a Venue

Consider the size of the venue and how many people it can accommodate. It is important to pick a spot that has enough room to fit your entire family comfortably. You should consider the location of the venue. It should be conveniently located and easy to access.

It is also important to consider the amenities offered at the venue. You should know if the venue offers food, drinks, decorations, and entertainment.

All of these factors will ensure that your family function goes off without a hitch. When choosing a venue, don’t be afraid to get creative. If you take the time to consider all the options, you can be sure to host an amazing event!

Create a Menu

When it comes to creating a menu for a large family gathering, several considerations must be taken into account. The menu should include various entrees and side dishes that will be appropriate for all eaters. The food should be budget-friendly as feeding large numbers of people can get pricey.

The menu should reflect the tastes of various members of the family. The food should be easily prepared ahead of time so that prepping and cooking don’t take away from time enjoying the gathering. Once the menu is decided upon, the rest of the family function will flow much smoother.

Provide Activities

Before the event, talk to family members to get a sense of their interests and ideas for activities. If the majority of the family are young children, consider booking in a professional entertainer such as a clown or magician.

If the family is made up of adults, create an area of old-school arcade games or large-scale outdoor games such as giant Jenga or corn hole. Once the activities are decided, enlist family members to help with setup and execution. Utilizing their help and talents can be a great way to build connection and camaraderie at the event.

Prepare Appreciation Token

Start by making a list of all family members attending, and determine items that they may appreciate. For example, purchasing personalized mugs, keychains, or tumblers, can be a great way to show recognition.

If people are willing to come out of their pocket to give out appreciation tokens, gift cards or cash are their favorite options. It gets pricey, but depending on the budget, store credit cards give recipients more selection.

Set aside time and money for appreciation tokens before any other tasks are assigned. This way, no one in the family is neglected when it comes to recognition. Additionally, purchasing in bulk, online or in-store, can save some money. 

Consider Hiring a Professional Planner

One option to make the process more manageable is to hire a professional planner. Hiring a professional planner can be beneficial to help ensure the event is well-planned and runs smoothly. They possess the experience and know-how to execute all the necessary tasks efficiently. This includes creating a budget, reserving the venue, hiring caterers, arranging entertainment or activities, and managing a timeline.

An event planner will help to stay within the budget and coordinate amongst a large group of vendors. A planner can also assist in ensuring all family members are informed and involved in the event preparations. Check websites like to know more information on how to go about hiring a planner. 

Be Prepared and Plan Your Next Family Function

As you can see, planning a large family function doesn’t have to be daunting. With the outlined steps, you can confidently take your event to the next level and ensure your family enjoys a successful and meaningful gathering.

Take that first step today and delegate tasks to make the event run smoothly. With careful thought and consideration of every detail, your event is sure to be a success!

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