As one of the prominent medical practices of the Indian subcontinent, Ayurveda continues to stand tall for centuries due to its remarkable medical procedures. The significant reach of this ayurvedic industry is reflected in data that states that around 77% of Indian households use ayurvedic products. As the Ayurvedic industry continues to grow rapidly, a significant student population is stepping up to take Ayurvedic courses. Top colleges like Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, the best Ayurvedic college in Bhopal offer remarkable Ayurvedic courses.

Let us know more about Ayurvedic courses and how to pick the right one for you in this article.

Range of Ayurvedic courses available in India:

As the ayurveda industry is expected to reach INR 1 trillion in 2025, its scope is impeccable, and thus renowned colleges like Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical Centre, the best ayurvedic college in MP, and many more offer the following ayurvedic courses:

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS):

Course Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Course DescriptionBAMS course is a scratch-level course that offers an intro to ayurvedic medicine, practices, procedures, and techniques with a deep understanding of its various scope.
Course Level Undergraduate level
Duration 4.5 years + 1 year of rotary internship
Eligibility CriteriaThe basic eligibility criteria for pursuing BAMS at any top college like Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, the best private BAMS college in Bhopal:
10+2 with physics, chemistry, and biology as optional subjects.
Certificate /diploma with above subjects in any Govt. recognized institutions
The age should be between 17 to 25 years.
Admission ProcedureAdmission to BAMS at any ayurvedic college like MAMC, the best ayurvedic hospital in India is provided based on the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) score.
Average FeeINR 25,000 to INR 3.2 LPA

Master Ayurvedic Courses:

There are two different Ayurvedic master courses which are listed below:

Master Ayurvedic CoursesCourse DescriptionDuration Eligibility CriteriaAdmission ProcedureAverage Course Fee
Master of Medicine (M.D)MD course is centralized on treatment-oriented Ayurvedic education in a specialized branch of Ayurveda.   

    3 years
The basic eligibility criteria for MD/MS at any top college like MAMC, the best ayurvedic hospital in Bhopal are as follows:
Candidate should have completed BAMS

Admission to MD/MS in Ayurveda is provided considering entrance exams such as AIA-PGET, NEET PG score

INR 25,000 to INR 4 LPA
Master of Surgery (M.S)MS course is focused on surgery-oriented Ayurvedic education in a specialized branch of Ayurveda.

Top colleges to pursue Ayurvedic courses in India:

India being the land of origin for Ayurveda has numerous top Ayurvedic colleges and hospitals that offer outstanding Ayurvedic education. Here is the list of some of the top ayurvedic colleges including MAMC, the best ayurvedic college in Bhopal:

Top Ayurvedic CollegesAverage fees in INR
Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College2,48,000
Banaras Hindu University56,500
IMS BHU Varanasi2,25,000
GGSIPU New Delhi5,10,000
Kurukshetra University78,500
National Institute of Ayurveda1,35,000
Government Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram75,000
Government Ayurveda College Pariyaram, Kannur84,950
NTRUHS Vijayawada42,500

Suggestions to choose the best Ayurvedic course for your objectives and skill level:

The first and foremost thing for you to know is that BAMS being a Bachelor level degree offers no choice for you to choose instead pursue the complete course.

The scope for choosing a suitable Ayurvedic course is made available only at the postgraduate level. You have to choose between a Master of Medicine (MD) and a Master of Surgery (MS). Along this, a branch of specialization has to be decided.

Let us see the steps to be considered to choose the best ayurvedic course for you and pursue it at top colleges like MAMC, the best ayurvedic college in Bhopal:

Step 1: Decide between MD and MS:

Deciding between MD and MS is one of the prime decisions to be taken before pursuing a postgraduate Ayurvedic course. 

If your scope of interest is treatment-oriented, then the right choice would be a Master of Medicine (MD). This is because any specialization in MD deals with treating the patient with medications.

If your scope of interest is surgery-oriented, then the right choice would be a Master of Surgery (MS) as it is related to performing surgery in any chosen specialization.

Step 2: Choose the right specialization

The next step following the MD/MS decision is choosing the right specialization.

Here are the factors to be considered while choosing the specialization:

Zone of interest:

Every doctor has their own zone of interest, say, ophthalmology, neurology, nephrology, etc.

So it is very important to identify your zone of interest to finalize the best suitable specialization.

Scope for your interest:

After identifying your zone of interest i.e., specialization, it is very essential to analyze and understand the scope of your desired specialization in the medical field. 

As this specialization would turn into your career, it is necessary to know the scope, use, and importance of the specialization before opting for it.

Hardness quotient of your chosen specialization:

As interest is one of the prime factors to be considered before opting for any specialization, it is equally important to consider the hardness quotient of the course.

Because opting for a harder specialization and suffering in the future along the duration of the course will make completing the studies a hard point.

Considering these three factors will help you land the right postgraduate ayurvedic course that matches your objectives and skill level.


Pursuing Ayurveda is a great choice today as the scope for Ayurveda is broadening in the spectrum. Ayurveda has emerged as one of the renowned medical practices worldwide and students pursuing Ayurvedic courses at the best private BAMS college in Bhopal  and other places will have a bright career in the upcoming years.


  1. Are BAMS and MBBS equivalent?

Yes, BAMS is equivalent to MBBS because both BAMS and MBBS are bachelor-level degrees with the same duration of 5.5 years including 1 year of compulsory rotatory internship.

  1. List some top companies that hire Ayurveda graduates.
  • Dabur
  • Hindustan Unilever Limited
  • Himalaya Herbal Care
  • Navayur Healthcare
  • Petal Herbals
  1. Is the 1-year internship compulsory in the BAMS course?

Yes, the 1-year internship is compulsory in the BAMS course as it trains the students for real-time medical conditions.

  1. Is NEET-UG compulsory for BAMS admission?

Yes, NEET-UG is compulsory for BAMS admission all over India. Every year around 14 Lakh students appear for NEET-UG Examination.

  1. What would be the average salary scale for BAMS graduates?

The average salary scale for BAMS graduates is around INR 4 LPA while with experience the salary can reach INR 16 LPA.

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