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How to Get Yourself to Drink More Water

Are you wondering if you’re drinking enough water? Lots of experts often highlight the importance of staying hydrated and consuming the right amount of water each day. But how can you keep up with the habit?

Rather than being part of your daily routine, there are more ways to get yourself to increase your water intake. This way, you get to enjoy more benefits and keep your body healthier.

So, here are a few tips on how to get yourself to drink more water!

Have a Daily Goal

One of the best ways to get started with increasing your daily fluid intake is to set a goal. When you do so, you feel more motivated to accomplish it and improve your approach toward drinking water.

Many recommend setting a goal that feels realistic based on your current consumption and gradually increasing it. Doing this helps you slowly turn it into a habit without forcing yourself to achieve it.

Keep Track With a Reusable Bottle

Drinking water from a reusable bottle is one way to keep track and remind yourself about your water consumption. If you go out, it’s an excellent way to remember to drink water every now and then.

It also helps you visualize how much water you have already consumed based on the number of times you empty it. And so, it encourages you to follow your daily water goal by letting you watch your progress!

Set a Reminder

Whether it’s a post-it note or a quick alarm, setting a reminder to drink more water every day can help you slowly incorporate it into your routine. At the same time, it establishes the idea that you should drink water at specific times of the day.

Note that you don’t have to prepare a constant reminder every 10 minutes. Even so, it’s good to set it in a way you won’t easily overlook, like an alarm every 3 hours or a note on your desk.

Replace Drinks With Water Alternatives

If you prefer to have other drinks to keep yourself hydrated, you might want to consider switching to flavored water alternatives. It’s a good way to promote healthier fluid intake and maintain your water consumption.

You can also try natural water flavoring to add a twist to your drink and keep you from getting tired of only consuming plain water.

Drink Water With Every Meal

A quick way to get used to drinking more water is by having it with every meal. When you develop the habit every time you eat, your daily fluid intake will increase significantly. Sometimes, you won’t have to remind yourself about it anymore!

Even so, you should know how much water does your body need every day to see if your current water consumption is enough. This way, you know what habits to change and how much to add.

Consume Food With High Water Content

Besides switching out drinks or drinking water with meals, you can also eat more water-filled food! You can usually get them from fruits and veggies, such as the following:

  • Melons
  • Pineapple
  • Peaches
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Lettuce

Moreover, you can eat them alone or mix them into your meals to ensure you get enough water, even without actually drinking.

Find Out How to Get Yourself to Drink More Water Right Here!

It helps to know how to get yourself to drink more water to promote healthier eating habits and strengthen your body. It only takes a routine change, tracking your intake, and knowing the best replacements.

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