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How to Develop a Goth Style

While many people believe that the goth subculture is centered on fashion, it’s actually based on finding yourself. One of the most common impressions of the goth subculture is with fashion, though. 

Each goth has its own personal style. Combine these with all the different subcultures of goth. This means an individual goth style can vary wildly.

How do you know where to begin? Keep reading for everything you need to know about developing a goth style that’s all your own.

Use Dark Clothing 

To develop a goth style, black clothing is key. Wearing dark colors provides a certain level of anonymity and can be styled in many different ways. Black is usually the color of choice amongst goths, but deep, dark colors like greens, blues, and purples are also good choices.

It is important to look for pieces that possess interesting details or have a luxurious feel to them. Donning items like distressed leather jackets, oversized sweaters, ruffled dresses, or velvet tops, bottoms, and accessories can add an extra edge to any goth look. 

Use a Gothic Makeup Style

To develop your own goth style, start with gothic makeup. Start by applying a white base to create the perfect canvas for gothic eye makeup. Try adding a dark color of eyeshadow, like black, gray, or purple.

To make your eyes really pop, line them with a black liquid liner or eyeliner pencil. Mascara in a dark color can be used to darken your lashes.

Finish with a setting spray to make sure everything stays in place. With gothic makeup, you can customize your look to make it bright and bold or subtle and dark.

Incorporate Gothic Accessories

Incorporating gothic accessories is a great way to develop a goth style. Classic items like belted corsets and lace-up boots can give any look a gothic edge. 

Heavy statement jewelry can add a unique flair to an ensemble. When it comes to colors, a dark palette is key- think black, gray, and deep burgundy. Layering is an important part of creating a gothic look. Gothic rings and necklaces can add to the look. Check for more skull rings found here.

Use Gothic Footwear

Gothic footwear is essential for creating the perfect gothic style look. There are many shoes to choose from, including boots, creepers, and platforms. Boots come in a variety of styles with laces and buckles and are typically darker in color.

Creepers are low-top shoes with either a thin sole or a raised fan-shaped sole that can range from plain to decorated with spikes or other embellishments.

When deciding on the right shoes for your gothic look, it’s important to pick a set that expresses your personal style and matches the overall color palette of your outfit.

Listen to Gothic Music

Developing a goth style starts with listening to gothic music. Listening to gothic music is essential to get in touch with the goth subculture and the latest styles, bands, and trends associated with it.

Listen to various goth musicians like Siouxsie and The Banshees, The Cure, and Bauhaus to get an idea of the unique goth rock sound. Be bold and brave with your wardrobe, and have fun exploring the gothic aesthetic.

Developing Goth Style The Right Way

Having a goth style can be both fun and intimidating. Take note of the details you want to include in your look, and shop around for clothing that reflects your wants and needs.

So what are you waiting for? Start designing your own Goth style of today!

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