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How to Determine Your Cybersecurity Needs

Did you know 98% of cybercrime relies on social engineering techniques? 

Social engineering is a tactic used by cybercriminals to manipulate people into handing over confidential data that might be used for fraudulent objectives.

That’s one cybersecurity issue that needs to be on your radar. But there are others. Are you interested in figuring out your cybersecurity requirements?

Keep reading to learn about how to determine your company’s cybersecurity needs.

Determine Possible Risks

Your first order of business is to understand the risks your company faces and to define these risks in easy-to-understand ways.

That means considering the various groups—from customer service reps to the IT team—and using terms and concepts everyone can understand.

Whether your risks include intellectual property theft or data storage theft, you’ll want to know what cybersecurity issues are of the most concern. When you know what you’re up against, you can confront it head-on.

The last thing you need is a cyberattack that causes a security breach. You could face unplanned downtime that forces you to shut down operations.

You’ll have to call in the professionals, and your small business might be down and out for quite some time before proper order is restored.

Determine possible risks through a penetration test and a risk assessment.

Assess Your Current Protection Level Against Cyberattacks

The next step is to identify your company’s cybersecurity posture, which refers to the overall game plan to defend against possible cyberattacks.

After all, you won’t be able to improve upon your level of readiness if you don’t have an accurate assessment of your current level of readiness.

During the cybersecurity assessment, you should consider things like the following:

  1. Do all computers in your office need to be connected to the internet or corporate intranet?
  2. Are all computers equipped with the latest antivirus software and updates?
  3. Do employees have hard-to-guess passwords that they change regularly?
  4. Do staff members understand security protocols?
  5. Do you have the in-house talent to handle cybersecurity measures?

After conducting the assessment, you should understand how prepared your company is for cyberattacks. And that’ll give you something to work with as you bolster your defenses to lessen risks.

Identify the End Goal to Safeguard Your Company

Before you can develop the right solution, you need an end objective. Otherwise, how will you know if your small business has the right solution?

Once you know what you’re looking to achieve over the long haul, you might decide your business needs to make some changes. Changes can include rolling out a backup system or setting up a more robust firewall.

In-House or Outsource

You’ll want to figure out whether you can do the work needed in-house or if you need to outsource to a third party.

A third party will know, for instance, what constitutes proper penetration testing frequency or data backup frequency.

Do You Know Your Company’s Cybersecurity Needs?

Refer to these cybersecurity tips when you want to know how your company is doing on the cybersecurity front. 

Knowing your cybersecurity needs will help you make good decisions.

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