How to Care For and Maintain Your Video Game Console Collection

The global market for console games will increase from $73.01 billion in 2022 to $80.47 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2%. While the range of games available keeps people playing, it’s essential to take care of those systems so they last.

Gaming consoles are expensive purchases, and with the move from physical media to digital downloads, it’s become harder to get replacement games. Taking proper care of your collection will keep the investment operational for years to come.

The treatment your video game console receives should be no different from how you treat books. You want to maximize your use, care for them, keep them in good shape, and pass them along when it’s time for the next generation.

Want to learn about video game console care and maintenance? Keep reading for tips and tricks that help keep consoles in tip-top shape.

Keep Your Consoles Dust-Free

Keep your video game console collection dust free if you want it to last. Dust and other particles can get inside the console, damaging its circuitry and leading to malfunctions and costly repairs.

A feather duster or dry cloth can easily pick up surface dust and dirt. Make sure to get between and around the nooks and crannies.

You can also use compressed air or a can of non-flammable electronic cleaner to blow dust out of the hard-to-reach places. If any liquid or debris gets inside the console, open it up and use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean the areas. 

Lastly, use a lint-free cloth to complete cleaning consoles. Following these steps will keep them dust free for years to come.

Store Consoles in a Cool and Dry Place

By keeping the consoles in a cool and dry environment, you are helping to extend their life. Temperature and humidity could damage the electronic components of the console. When in a hot or humid environment, they become prone to condensation, rust, or corrosion.

Keep your consoles away from direct sunlight, as it can cause damage to the plastic and electronic structure. Keep them at least a few feet away from fans, TVs, or other radiators for further protection.

Avoid placing them on the ground or carpet, as the dust particles can seep inside the casing and cause circuitry and heat issues.

Use Surge Protectors

surge protector is a smart way for the care and maintenance of your collection. It protects your electronics from power spikes, sudden increases in voltage due to weather, lightning, or other sources. These quick, sharp spikes in power can damage your game consoles, rendering them useless and costing you repairs or replacements.

Surge protectors are cheap and easy to come by. They act as a barrier between your consoles and the power supply.

Investing in a good surge protector is advisable if you have a large collection of consoles. Not only will this help keep the console collection running in top condition for years to come, but it will also put the owner’s mind at ease while gaming.

Regularly Update Console Firmware

Updating your console’s firmware is an important step in how to care for and maintain your collection. Keeping the latest firmware versions installed ensures you can access the most recent updates and features. Also, it guards against security issues, as these regular updates close any vulnerabilities.

Moreover, console firmware fixes bugs and glitches. By patching any issues, you are ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience.

Many consoles even ask you to confirm whether you want to download the latest updates. When the console is turned on, select yes so you can have the most up-to-date versions.

Save your game before updating; some updates can delete save game data. Updating keep the console in top condition with the best hardware performance.

Properly Store Game Discs and Cartridges

Storing game discs and cartridges is a great way to care for and maintain your collection. You should always keep games in case they come in another type of protective container.

Discs should be vertically placed in the case rather than stacked on top of each other. This can cause damage to the data layer.

Cartridges of any type should never be stored in direct sunlight. This can cause the plastic to become brittle. Additionally, use soft cotton cloth only when wiping away dust build-up or potential dirt, which can also damage games and consoles.

Know When to Seek Professional Help

It can get expensive to keep up with the newest gaming technology. That doesn’t mean you must throw out the classics in your video game console collection.

To keep your favorite games up and running, you may need to seek professional help. Repairs, maintenance, and upgrades may require the expertise of a qualified tech.

Before you try to fix any issue on your own, make sure you understand the security requirements and how the console works. If you are stuck, it’s best to call a qualified technician who knows about hardware and software specs. Click here for more information to find the best one that suits your needs.

Be Mindful of Ventilation

Video game consoles generate heat during operation. It is important to ensure that the consoles are well-ventilated, especially when used for gaming.

To do so, no objects must block the fan or vents on the console. Since heat is one of the main enemies of electronics, users should avoid leaving them in direct sunlight and enclosed spaces.

Give consoles regular breaks between use, as this will help ensure that the device’s internals are not overworked. Users should always check their console’s manual for any specific instructions on proper ventilation. By following the steps above, users can avoid having a bad gaming experience due to poor ventilation.

Avoid Moving Consoles While Running

It is essential to avoid moving them while they are running at all costs. This can reduce the risk of hardware malfunctions, scratches, and data loss. Even if you are moving it from one room to another, there is a risk of interference that could damage the console or cause data loss.

If you need to move it, make sure it is powered off and held in place with protective cushioning. You should also avoid any severe drops or shocks that can cause hardware malfunctions.

Back-up and Save Data Regularly

The video game industry has evolved so much since the days of Pong and Pac-Man. Now, you can experience the world of gaming with high-definition graphics and remarkable gaming experiences.

Video game consoles are fragile, and if not cared for properly, they can eventually be damaged. Thus, it’s essential to back up your game data and save it regularly. This can include saving all your game progress, account settings, and even game downloads.

Not only can these be lost entirely, but it is also essential to regularly back up your data in case the internal hardware fails. To be safe, save data on external storage devices like USBs, HDDs, or cloud storage. If you are an avid gamer, you should also regularly inspect your video game consoles to be sure no harm has been done to them.

Keep Away From Liquids

Never place drinks or any liquids near your consoles. Liquids can cause permanent damage to the electronics, including corrosion and rust.

If liquids come into contact with the console, immediately remove the console from the liquid. Also, disconnect all power as electricity can cause more damage.

Do not store consoles in damp areas, as moisture can affect the consoles. Also, keep it and its accessories in a secure place where they are safe from liquids, dust, dirt, and other hazards.

Check for Pest Infestations

Insects are usually attracted to the dust and dirt collected on consoles, cords, and other accessories. This is especially true for old gaming systems in storage.

Begin by inspecting the air vents, cords, and any other openings for signs of insects. If you can’t spot anything with the naked eye, it is best to take a UV flashlight to the area and examine it more closely. You may find signs of small, white systems such as carpet beetle larvae.

Look for chewed wires or wiring insulation. Immediately dispose of any completely infested materials and vacuum the entire area to remove stray larvae or eggs.

Use an insecticide to treat the area and store the consoles in airtight containers to reduce the chance of a future infestation. With the right preventative measures, your collection will remain in excellent condition.

Keep Your Video Game Console in Its Best Condition

Taking care of and maintaining your video game console collection is an essential step in getting the best experience and ensuring that you can keep playing the games you love. Taking preventative measures and gentle handling will help keep your collection in the best condition!

So what are you waiting for? Dust off your controllers and power on those consoles, and start playing!

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