Find An Unforgettable Adventure In These Comics

Comic books tell stories that can often be difficult to capture with words alone. Anyone who enjoys reading a comic from time to time understands the spark of joy that comes from losing yourself to a story that stretches the limits of the imagination. Plus, reading a full graphic novel takes far less time and energy than committing to a traditional book. Whether you’re looking to read more or simply change up your typical type of material, these comic titles will definitely transport you on an adventure you will never forget.

Way of X

Many people are familiar with the X-Men in some capacity. Though the characters have yet to receive the full Marvel Studios treatment, the company’s lovable mutants have dominated comics, cartoons, and Fox Studios films for decades. Diversity is one of the core strengths of the X-Men and associated titles, with characters hailing from all corners of the globe. One character that has resonated with Arab-Americans is the heroine Dust. Created by renowned writer Grant Morrison in 2001, Sooraya Qadir is one of the earliest examples of Muslim women portrayed in a positive light.

Sooraya currently appears in “Way of X,” a miniseries focused on long-time X-Man Nightcrawler as he ponders heavy religious and philosophical questions. Those looking to learn more about the X-Men and their current adventures should scope out any of the titles launched under writer Jonathan Hickman since 2020.


There are some stories that are compelling because they take the concept of “what if” to very real places. Such is the case with the creation of industry staple Geoff Johns on his new book. The post-apocalyptic comic series Geiger focuses on what happens to society after the worst-case scenario plays out. Without spoiling too many details, the fun of this series comes from the interesting twists and trope subversions that come along throughout the story. With the first handful of issues out, now is a great time to jump into the tale.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan is a name that comic fans have known for years and television audiences will soon experience firsthand. Better known as Ms. Marvel, Khan is a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager from New Jersey who has superpowers and all the struggles that come with adolescence. Whether you’re excited for the new show on Disney+ or you want to read an inspiring and fun story, there are several collected editions of Ms. Marvel stories available to purchase or download to your device.

Comics have long been a wonderful medium used to tell remarkable stories. Take time to find a series that appeals to your tastes and discover a story that you will be sure to remember for a long time to come.


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