Around The World with One Bag: 3 Ways to Choose Quality Over Quantity During Travels

Packing for a month-long trip can trigger an anxiety attack. All at once, you’re flooded with every single thing that can go wrong. Incidentally, these scenarios warrant just one more pair of pants or one more bag full of shoes. By the time you’re finished, you’ve got yourself five luggage, two carry-on, and additional costs to anticipate for every flight you take. The worst part is that you’re not any less paranoid.

The next time you plan a long-term vacation, challenge yourself by fitting everything in one sizable luggage. Choose quality over quantity, meaning you’ll have to select items of impressive durability instead of hauling over fifty different replacements in case one breaks. This isn’t merely a minimalist challenge; it’s also a practice that can help you enjoy your travels more for less cost and, possibly, fewer body aches and pains.


Safety is of paramount concern for travelers and guaranteeing yours starts with ensuring that most of your things are theft-proof. Carrying fewer bags is already one way to make it easier to watch over your belongings. Purchasing luggage and other items, from your shoulder bag to your purse that is specifically designed to avert pickpockets might cost you more than you expect. It will, however, be an investment that will save you much more money by preventing the loss of cash, credit cards, and passport.

When you think of quality items for travel, think theft-proof. It’s an entirely new classification of its own when it comes to shopping, and you won’t have a shortage of options.

Better Comfort

Since you’re packing fewer clothes, you’ll want to make sure you’re bringing only the most stylish, most comfortable, and, more importantly, most durable items in your wardrobe. Contrary to what you might think, all these criteria depend more on fabric than on style.

One fabric that complements any weather condition or design aesthetic is denim. It also outdoes other material in terms of convenience given its moisture-absorbing and wrinkle-resistant nature. Even better–it hardly needs to be washed after just to or three uses.

Think of jeans, skirts, and jackets when looking fordenim wear for ladies. Consider polyester for your other garments, as it’s also strong, wrinkle-resistant, and dries quickly.Instead of packing a lot, try minding the material of your clothes. You won’t have to bundle up using five different shirts if your clothes are the right fabric for the climate.

Smart Travel

Technology is your friend. Your smartphone alone has already reduced your baggage by a lot. You don’t need maps, calculators, dictionaries, and even laptops to weigh you down. Investing in other smart apps can reduce your baggage further. Have you heard of the smallest travel steam iron? How about the portable WiFi and power bank? If you’re going to arm yourself with these cool gadgets, go all the way and make your foot warmer high-tech too.

The market isbrimming with smart gadgetswith two-in-one or three-in-one functions. They solve traveler’s most pressing concerns like connectivity. Your vacation can be a lot lighter both literally and figuratively if you travel smart.

Quantity is Old-Fashioned

Gone are the days when an overseas trip comes with a mountain of luggage, a quarter of which you might lose along the way. With today’s options, you can travel with as much–if not more–comfort when you use alternatives that are of higher quality and better technology.


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