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A Guide to the Best Massage Tools of 2023

Approximately 50 million Americans experience chronic pain each year. A lot of people will admit to taking painkillers to get through their work week.

However, prescription medications for pain and sore muscles can cause side effects, not to mention reliance on the substance. There’s a simple and safe solution to end your chronic pain and it’s getting a massage therapy.

If you’re ready to start feeling the benefits of therapeutic massages, all you have to do is grab the right massage tools. Read on to learn more about the best massage tools available in 2023.

Cushion Massage Chair

Cushion massage chairs are popular for their comfort and portability, so they are the perfect tool for a therapeutic massage. These cushion massage chairs are ergonomically designed to help reduce aches and pains. At the same time, they provide deep massage using pressure points in the back, shoulders, and neck.

Most cushion massage chairs are equipped with a variety of adjustable settings. So you can customize your experience and focus on areas of your body that need more attention. They also usually have an LCD remote control that lets you control the different massage settings from anywhere in the room. 


Mitts are small, lightweight hand-sized tools that easily fit over fingers and thumbs to enhance massage effects. Commonly found in pairs, mitts can simulate kneading, tapping, and other massage motions. Some are made of fabric and others from plastic, but all are gentle, slip-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Mitts are often used to target hard-to-reach spots such as the back, thighs, and shoulders. They can be a great choice for those who need a deep tissue massage but don’t want to bear down vigorously on the muscles. 

Rollers and Balls

Rollers and balls are great for targeting very large muscle groups like your back, glutes, and legs. They can help reduce stiffness in those areas, improving circulation and loosening up rigid muscles. When combined with lighter massage techniques, they can help relieve a wide variety of chronic pain symptoms.

Hot Stones

Hot stones are heated to around 104-115 degrees before application to the body. The smooth, gentle warmth of the stones extends deep into the muscle tissue. It helps relieve tension and soothe aches and pains.

Ideally, you should use large, rounded stones that are usually made from basalt and designed for massage purposes. You should also make sure you get specialized hot stone massage containers and warmers. 

Massage Oils

Different oils provide different benefits depending on the desired results. For instance, Grapeseed oil is known to be light and easily absorbed, which makes it a great choice for a general massage.

Other popular massage oils include Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, and Coconut oil. They each have their unique properties that can help achieve different results. Depending on the oils, you can benefit from relaxation, relieving dry skin, and nurturing the skin.

Get These Massage Tools Now

Massage tools are a great way to increase relaxation and work out those hard-to-reach muscle knots. With the right techniques and the right tools, you can easily find the perfect massage experience for you and your body.

So why not give it a try today? Start by exploring the different types of massage tools available and find the product perfect for your needs.

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