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7 Beginner Kratom Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Like the coca leaf of Peru, kratom has its humble beginnings as a stimulant of East Asian farmers. These days, it’s a powerful alternative to opioids that helps to give you energy and cut cravings. Best of all, you can buy it online!

Buying kratom online is no different than purchasing any other item. If you aren’t careful, you may become the victim of a scam or low-quality product. Most people tend to make the same beginner kratom buying mistakes.

In this guide, we will help you to avoid those pitfalls. Read on as we discuss the seven mistakes beginners tend to make when buying kratom online.

1. Beginner Kratom Buying Mistakes: Not Understanding the Types of Kratom

There isn’t just one type of kratom. You can find dozens of strains online. Many companies will make their own blend cut with other herbs and minerals.

Not every type of Kratom is for you. For example, if you just want to experience euphoria, you will want white or green Kratom. But if you want to have a much more mellow euphoria–a mild high–then red Borneo will suit you better.

It’s important to experiment and find the right strain for you. You may discover a certain blend that gives you much more potent effects than others. Many people may initially be nauseous or have bad side effects until they switch to another brand or strain.

Further, using the same strain repeatedly can lead to drug tolerance. You may require far more Kratom to experience the same effect. Rotating between strains may reduce the tendency to develop a tolerance.

2. Not Reading Online Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are perhaps the best way to research anything online. They allow customers to be brutally honest about the product they purchased. If a company isn’t telling the whole story with its advertisement, you will find the truth here.

Customer reviews can also help you avoid scams. Many companies will try to hide behind a rebranding of their product. A customer review could alert you to a false product or one with poor quality.

Plus, many reviews these days are fake. Either their company purchases reviews from customers, or they use bots to write them. Stay wary of reviews that seem too good to be true, or seem to repeat the same information.

3. Not Comparing Kratom Prices

How much does kratom cost? That depends, but you can usually purchase it in bulk for much cheaper than in single packages. You can find some excellent deals online if you are patient and willing to look around.

Many beginners make the mistake of jumping in on a deal they find. They don’t search around or look for a second opinion. This is a mistake and leads many to find out they’ve wasted their money only after it’s too late to refund.

Use price trackers and price comparison tools. Some of these may even have a price history. Be on the lookout for sales, as you can often get some quality discount kratom for a fraction of the going rate.

4. Not Checking Legal Status in Your State

Unfortunately, Kratom is not legal across the United States. Some states view it no differently than an over-the-counter drug. Others treat it with more caution and restrict or limit how you purchase it, like a scheduled drug.

Some stores may try to skirt the law and ship it to you anyway. This is highly illegal and could get you in big trouble.

Research whether or not your state allows you to purchase Kratom. If a kratom store website says otherwise, then you know right away that they are not a trustworthy source.

5. Not Obtaining Third-Party Testing

Since there is no FDA regulation on kratom, there is no guarantee of purity. A kratom dealer could be selling you gypsum dust for all you know. That’s why it’s best to keep them accountable with a third party.

Consider purchasing kratom from a seller that uses a third party to audit their processes. If not, you can take the kratom you purchased to a laboratory. They can perform a battery of tests and determine its purity.

If the purity is less than advertised–or it’s cut with other problematic drugs–you might have a potential lawsuit.

6. Use Reputable Vendors

Paying big brand prices might not be the most affordable option at first glance. However, decent kratom quality comes at a cost. Worthwhile brands have high standards of quality to maintain, which their prices reflect.

You might find a vendor with a name you don’t recognize who has excellent prices. If this happens, take a step back and reconsider. These low prices may be indicative of problems–such as slimy business practices or low quality.

7. Talk to Friends and Experts

Kratom is a drug, and its effects will vary from person to person. Don’t neglect the advice of friends and experts. You don’t want to go into this blind without the guidance of experienced kratom users.

Further, speak to your physician. Tell them about your plans to take Kratom. They might provide a second opinion or some suggestions on how best to use it.

Start Purchasing Kratom Today

It’s easy to make beginner kratom buying mistakes, so use this guide to avoid them. Make sure to purchase from reputable sources, test your Kratom, and rotate your strains. Do your research and get advice from friends and experts as much as possible.

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