5 Tips For Choosing a Catering Food and Drink Supplier

Are you frustrated trying to find the perfect catering food business supplier? Do you feel stressed trying to figure out how to make the right decision? If so, then you need to learn more about what to look for when choosing catering food and drink.

Doing so can help you find a catering service that not only suits your needs but means you’ll love the food they make as well.

See below for a list of key things to look for when trying to find the perfect catering food and drink supplier.

1. Know Your Budget Range and Requirements

When choosing a catering food and drink supplier, it is important to know your budget range and requirements. Consider the number of guests and the menu preferences, and be sure to communicate any special dietary requirements ahead of time.

Collect quotes and compare to see which supplier can work within your budget while still providing quality food and drinks. Discuss what packages they offer and if they can accommodate your food and drink needs.

Ask as many questions as necessary to make sure that the bakery and restaurant supply you select meets all of your specifications and budget range. 

2. Review Samples and Find Out What Foods They Specialize In

Choosing a vendor that specializes in the kind of food you want will help ensure that your event will be a success. Ask to see examples of the caterer’s work and assess what they’re capable of.

Talk to the caterer and ask them about what food they’ve prepared in the past and what their specialty dishes are. Finding a caterer with a wide range of dishes and creativity is key. Make sure to ask about the restaurant supplier’s ingredients and sources.

3. Consider Delivery Options and Timelines

Many caterers offer delivery services, so ask for details. Find out what times the caterer can deliver the order and if they guarantee timely delivery.

If the event is small and will be held at an off-site location, consider what type of vehicle will be used to deliver the order and ensure enough room is available for safe transport.

Make sure to ask if they will provide proper food handling and storage, such as insulated coolers to keep food hot and cold and ask about any additional charges for delivery.

4. Review the Contract Carefully

When selecting a catering food and drink supplier, it is essential to review the contract carefully. While verbal agreements can be meaningful, they are not legally binding, and it is important that all details of the agreement are recorded in a written contract.

Many contracts may cover food and drink selection, payment structure, nutrition information, and liability for damage or injury. Ensure that the contract includes all necessary operations for your event and that any menus and pricing are clearly indicated. 

5. Examining a Supplier’s Health and Safety Record

Ask the supplier for records of any health and safety inspections they have had and how they implement safety measures within their business.

Check that the site where the food is being prepared is clean and that the staff at the site follow hygiene and food safety guidelines.

Find the Best Catering Food and Drink Supplier

Choosing the right catering food and drink supplier is a key ingredient to any successful party or celebration. If you keep the tips discussed in mind, you will be sure to find the perfect catering supplier for your event.

Start your research today and bring that special occasion to life with exceptional catering!

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