5 Popular Logo Types for Companies and Events

You’re desperately looking for a good product but have forgotten it’s a brand name. But you can recall the symbol, the color tone, and the font on its label. And this is why logos are important.

Brand identity and recall are crucial in today’s competitive marketplace. And logos are one of the most effective ways to establish yours. More than that, they can communicate your company’s or event’s purpose and values.

But before deciding to create one, explore and check some of the best logo types in the market. From minimalist logos to retro logos, there are a variety of logo designs that could be the perfect fit for you.

1. Wordmark Logo Types

Wordmark logos are text-based logos that feature the company or event’s name in a unique and stylized font. They are a popular logo type because they are simple, easy to read, and can effectively communicate a brand’s personality and values. The use of custom logo design services can help businesses create unique logo fonts that stand out and reflect the brand’s identity.

Some examples of well-known companies that use wordmark logos include Coca-Cola, IBM, and Google. These logos are simple and instantly recognizable, helping the brands establish a strong visual identity.

2. Iconic Logos

Iconic logos use a graphic or symbol to represent the company or event. These logos are memorable and can help a brand establish a strong visual identity. Iconic logos are often simple and can be recognized quickly, making them an effective tool to promote your business.

Some examples of iconic logos include Nike’s swoosh, Apple’s apple, and McDonald’s golden arches. These logos are not only visually appealing, but they also communicate the brand’s values and personality.

3. Combination Logos

Combination logos are a combination of a wordmark and an iconic logo. They are popular because they can effectively communicate a brand’s name and values while still being visually appealing. Combination logos offer versatility, as the wordmark and icon can be used together or separately depending on the application.

Some examples of combination logos include Adidas, Burger King, and Pepsi. These logos are well-balanced, providing a perfect mix of text and graphic elements, which help establish a unique brand identity.

4. Emblem Logos

Emblem logos are similar to combination logos but are typically more complex. They often feature an intricate design that incorporates both the company name and an icon or symbol. Emblem logos are popular with companies and events that want a classic and traditional look.

Some examples of emblem logos include Harley-Davidson, Starbucks, and the NFL. These logos are detailed and often include intricate design elements, such as typography and other graphic elements. These logos are perfect for brands looking to establish themselves as traditional, classic, and timeless.

5. Abstract Logos

Abstract logos use shapes, lines, and colors to represent a company or event. They are unique and can help a brand stand out from competitors. Abstract logos are popular with companies that want to communicate modernity, creativity, and innovation.

Some examples of abstract logos include the logos for Pepsi, Airbnb, and Adidas. These logos often feature minimalistic designs with bold typography and simple graphics. 

Create Your Own Now 

Logos are a great way for companies and events to reach the masses and build a positive reputation. Creative logo types are engaging with consumers. They create a memorable brand identity.

Ensure you collaborate with a talented designer. Take advantage of the internet to find and research the perfect logo solution.

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