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3 Signs of a Severe Underbite in Children

As a parent, you know all too well that seeing your child have pain as a result of their orthodontic treatment is never easy to watch.

An underbite, though, is something that can be taken care of quickly with proper treatment.

It’s important to know what to look out for so both you and the dentist know when things need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Keep reading to learn about some signs of a severe underbite in children. 

1. Speech Problems

Speech problems are one of the most common signs of an underbite and are often noticed by parents or caregivers first. These can include trouble pronouncing certain letters due to difficulty with positioning the jaw.

A limited range of articulation can also occur, with difficulty closing the lips or closing the teeth. Children may unknowingly make noises while speaking due to misalignment and may speak in a mumbling or imprecise manner.

Early intervention and treatment are essential for correcting the underbite and preventing misalignment from causing more severe speech problems

2. Retracted Upper Jaw

Severe underbites in children can present many different signs, including a retracted upper jaw. This means the upper jaw is positioned inwards, closer to the throat than the lower jaw, and can cause a visible difference in the face.

Additionally, this can cause dental problems with the face shape, difficulty in closing the mouth, and a decrease in the space available for the top and bottom teeth to fit correctly. The child also may have difficulty eating due to the narrowing of their teeth and the jaw not closing properly.

Long-term effects of this may include breathing difficulties and lisps, as the tongue is not functioning correctly. It is important to address this issue early to allow for effective treatment.

3. Protruding Lower Jaw

Signs of a severe underbite in children are typically characterized by a protruding lower jaw. When the child moves their jaw, the teeth of the lower jaw will protrude past the upper teeth.

This can be further compounded by the upper teeth impacting the lower lip. If the protrusion is severe, the child may suffer from difficulty eating or speaking.

More aesthetic concerns may also come with it, such as facial distortions and a gummy smile. Orthodontic treatment like braces for kids will be necessary to correct the issue, depending on the severity.

Parents can also look out for any signs of discomfort as this could mean the problem is becoming more severe. Early treatment is key to correcting the condition and avoiding any serious complications.

Understanding the Signs of Severe Underbite

Children with a severe underbite require specialized care to ensure proper development and quality of life. Seek the help of a pediatric dentist to determine the best treatment plan for your child. Early intervention is key in correcting the issue and reducing the chances of future complications.

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